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Log Homes

There are almost as many varieties of log home styles as there are families with different tastes:

  • Handcrafted or manufactured full scribe
  • Handcrafted or manufactured chink style
  • Dovetail, chinked or not, hand crafted or manufactured
  • Manufactured smooth or with a texture
  • Timber Frame using square or round logs
Chris Stern of Common Sense Custom Homes built his first hand crafted home in 1977 and has been building various shapes, styles and sizes ever since. He has worked with manufactured log home packages as well as handcrafted systems, residential as well as commercial. Chris has a wide range of experience building homes as a General Contractor to the “turn key” stage, that is, all you need to do is turn the key in the door, and all else is done for you, and has worked in various capacities with either home owners, or with other general contractors. Chris is currently associated with Caribou Creek Log Homes in addition to providing the consultation services offered through this site.