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General Contracting in the Methow Valley

Common Sense Custom Homes, Inc., a General Contracting services firm, has been helping families and businesses build in the Methow Valley, and other parts of Washington State, since 1978. We have built 400 square foot homes, and expansive 8000 square foot second homes for families, and "homes" for other uses such as the Methow Valley News office in 1980 (currently housing Tappi Restaurant), and the "new" Stehekin Log school house in 1988, at the end of Lake Chelan.

For projects large or small, we have become experts at balancing dreams, needs & budgets for families for well over 30 years. Please contact us for more information, but first, take a tour of some of the homes we have built over the years.

Stehekin School Log School House
Largest 'One room school house' we have built!

Winthrop WA Home Construction
All one level, easy access near Winthrop, WA. with comfortable spaces. View more

Mazama WA Home Construction
Traditional framing with accents to fit the environment in Mazama, WA. View more

Mazama Cabin Construction
A bit more than a "Cabin in the woods" near Mazama, WA, but cozy. View more

Winthrop Chalet Construction
The Chalet near Winthrop, WA with a loft and internet! View more

Winthrop WA Home Construction
Efficient use of space and resources near Winthrop, WA. View more

Methow Valley Building Project
The Passive Solar features of stained concrete floors and a strategic internal concrete wall work well for this upper Methow Valley home. view more

Methow Valley Home Ideas
For additional ideas and accents from the Methow Valley, view more

Chris Stern 625 Hwy 20, Winthrop WA 98862, 509-996-2554